Wow Factor Glass

Glass Tile Lasting Beauty

If you have been looking for glass tile at home improvement stores, consider holding off on your purchase decision until you have seen the Lifestyle Ceramic Tile selection of in-stock glass tile.

LCT has more in-stock choices of Glass Tile than anyone in the Metro Detroit Area.  The stunning beauty of glass is evident when you enter the LCT Showroom with a dozen backsplash displays.  Our commitment is to help with any size project. You will find our friendly Designer Level Staff eager to help.

Affordable, exciting, long lasting beauty makes glass tile perfect for your kitchen backsplash or bath.

The latest additions for 2013 are below


Karma_Grey 955x392

Introducing Karma

It is your destiny to check out Karma. The latest addition for 2013 in the  large profile of porcelain tiles (12 x 24) is Karma .Manufactured by Dom Ceramiche of Italy this beautiful tile brings to mind the fine look of water-brushed Italian marble. Available in four colors: Beige; Grey; Nut and White. KARMA is our ninth addition to our in-sock styles available in large format tiles. To view our other large format tiles click here.  Please visit our showroom to view these new tiles available for immediate delivery. It is your destiny.

  5. Karma by Dom Ceramiche Porcelain
  6. Karma 12x24 Grey close up Porcelain
  7. Karma 12x24 Grey Porcelain

Ivano-Gris 955x507

The question is …

Recently one of our LCT customers asked if she could put a wall tile on her bathroom floor. The answer is sometimes. Continue reading The question is …

Avantgard-Nero 12x24 Porcelain 955x473

What happened to the grout lines?

Grout lines are being reduced as tiles are being produced in larger sizes with the help of new digital printing techniques. Lifestyle Ceramic Tile is stocking more and more tile in 12×24 sizes.  These porcelain tiles are rated for both commercial and residential use. Tiles are available in traditional natural stone looks and new wood designs. There are also subtle patterns to choose from. We guarantee you will be excited with these new introductions. Check them out.



  1. Avantgard Nero 12x24 Porcelain
  2. Avantgard Noce 12x24 Porcelain
  3. Burma Terra 12x12 12x24 Porcelain
  4. BURMA MUSGO 12x12 12x24 Porcelain
  5. BURMA PLOMBO 12x12 12x24 Porcelain
  6. Eramosa Beige.12x24 Full Body Porcelain
  7. Eramosa Brown.12x24 Full Body Porcelain
  8. Eramosa Grey.12x24 Full Body Porcelain
  9. Eramosa Silver.12x24 Full Body PorcelainEramosa Silver.12x24 Full Body Porcelain
  10. H Stone Beige Chiaro 12x24 Porcelain
  11. H Stone Beige Medio 12x24 Porcelain
  12. H Stone Beige Scuro 12x24 Porcelain
  13. H Stone Grigio Chiaro 12x24 Porcelain
  14. H Stone Grigio Medio 12x24 Porcelain
  15. H Stone GrigioScuro 12x24 Porcelain
  16. Metallica Black 12x 24 24x24 Semi Polished Metallic Porcelain
  17. Metallica Brown 12x 24 24x24 Semi Polished Metallic Porcelain
  18. Metallica Dark Blue 12x 24 24x24 Semi Polished Metallic Porcelain
  19. Thrill Alps 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  20. Thrill Bone 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  21. Thrill Frost 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  22. Thrill Jasmin 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  23. Thrill Rock 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  24. Thrill Walnut 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  25. Zera Olive 12x24 Porcelain
  26. Zera Oyster 12x24 Porcelain
  27. Zera Sand 12x24 Porcelain
  28. Zera Walnut 12x24 Porcelain

Vesta GR 1102x375

Distinguished New Porcelain Tiles

Introducing  our newest  in -stock  Porcelain Tiles: The Dome and and Vesta series of tiles both use     Pre-Consumer Recycled content , as tile manufactures  move towards making tiles environmental  friendly and green.

Both products use new 3D Digital printing technology to create the beauty of marble with a modern flair. The tiles characterized by light and delicate tones making Dome and Vesta a prestigious choice for your residential area.

  1. Dome Brown 16x16
  2. Dome Charcoal 16x16
  3. Dome Gold 16x16
  4. Dome Rust 16x16
  5. Dome Walnut 16x16
  6. Vesta Gray 6.5x6.5 13x13 12x24 20x20
  7. Vesta Ivory 6.5x6.5 13x13 12x24 20x20
  8. Vesta Noce 6.5x6.5 13x13 12x24 20x20
  9. Dome I
  10. Dome II
  11. Dome III
  12. Dome IV
  13. Dome V
  14. Dome VI
  15. Vesta Gray Dining Area
  16. Vesta Ivory Bath
  17. Vesta Ivory
  18. Vesta Noce Living Room II
  19. Vesta Noce Living Room

Capristrano- Classico 993x375

Digital Technology Making Its Mark In the Tile Business

There is no doubt that digital technology has both changed our lives and changed entire industries; the digital music industry, the television business and the printing business, so it’s no surprise that the tile business has joined the digital revolution.  Tile manufacturers are now able to produce larger tiles with the aid of highly specialized inks and digital print technology.

It wasn’t long ago that it was taboo to think about putting a large tile in a small room but in fact laying a large tile into a small room will make the room look larger.  Today’s large tile sizes including 16×24, 20×20 and 24×24 are becoming more popular in powder rooms and baths. Larger tiles are now being used with more traditional sizes to create unique patterns.  Many of our customers would agree that the biggest benefit to a large tile; Less Grout Lines for easier maintenance.

The Coverings Trade Show is held each year bringing together tile and stone manufacturers from around the world. The 2012 show was held in Orlando. It was hard to miss the gorgeous tiles with high ranges of color and larger formats. It was interesting to see large tiles being mixed with micro and mini sized tiles,

There are an overwhelming number of choices and combinations of vibrant color, size, texture, and shapes available today.   Shopping for new ceramic and porcelain tiles can be fun and a great exercise in creative new ideas.  Lifestyles Ceramic Tile stocks many of these new sizes. You can see some of our newest collections below. Click Here for our complete line of floor and wall tile.

  1. Arte Beige 13x13 12x24 20x20
  2. Arte Bianco 13x13 12x24 20x20
  3. Arte Marron 13x13 12x24 20x20
  4. Burma Terra 12x12 12x24 Porcelain
  5. Burma Musgo 12x12 12x24 Porcelain
  6. Burma Plombo 12x12 12x24 Porcelain
  7. Capristrano Cotto 13x13 18x18 Porcelain
  8. Capristrano Fusion 13x13 18x18 Porcelain
  9. Capristrano Safari 13x13 18x18 Porcelain
  10. Capristrano Villa 13x13 18x18 Porcelain
  11. Capristrano Walnut 13x13 18x18 Porcelain
  12. Capristrano Classico 13x13 18x18 Porcelain
  13. Natura Avorio.13x13 12x24 Porcelain
  14. Natura Caffe.13x13 12x24 Porcelain
  15. Natura Grigio.13x13 12x24 Porcelain
  16. Natura Rame.13x13 12x24 Porcelain
  17. Natura Tabacco.13x13 12x24 Porcelain
  18. Thrill Alps 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  19. Thrill Bone 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  20. Thrill Frost 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  21. Thrill Jasmin 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  22. Thrill Rock 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  23. Thrill Walnut 13x13 13x26 Porcelain
  24. Zera Olive 12x24 Porcelain
  25. Zera Oyster 12x24 Porcelain
  26. Zera Sand 12x24 Porcelain
  27. Zera Walnut 12x24 Porcelain

Save on Granite Counter Tops

Don’t break the  bank, to save up to 50% off the price of granite counter tops by using the The modular system by Granite Solutions by Benissimo Systems.The modular system uses 3/8 thick premium A-grade granite tiles with a radius edge giving the appearance of a standard slab of granite.

The Granite Solutions modular tile can be cut using a standard wet saw and installed just like tile. Components are oversized to minimize on-site cutting and allowing a symmetrical finished look. Choose from 15 designer colors available at Lifestyles Ceramic Tile.


Breathe New Life into your Circa 1960 Fireplace


One of Lifestyles Ceramic Tile’s newest product lines is called Ledger Stone which is an all natural stone veneer.  It is also referred to as wall cladding and is designed to be used on interior and exterior walls. Ledger Stone can also be applied directly to brick, making it a great choice for giving your Circa 1960 Fireplace an updated new look at a very minimal cost.

Note: Ledger Stone is not intended to be used in showers

Beachwalk Ledger Stone Fireplace
Medallion Large

Medallions Works of Art In Stone

Lifestyles Ceramic Tile has one of the largest in-stock selections of Medallions in the Detroit area.  Continue reading Medallions Works of Art In Stone